Thursday, February 25, 2010

From what I've noticed...

Vintage clothing is either really fair in price, or as expensive as some designer brands that are out now!

Yes, I agree that preserved 50s tulle prom dresses can be pricey for a good reason, but for a cotton shirt at $34? If the brand isn't too well known, why would it be so high?

I have some examples of cheap and pricey, and would like some explanations if some people have some!

Here are some cheap items I have found:

From my shop, vintage sequin prom dress (80s) $13

From another shop, vintage lavender dress (VERY pretty!) $10[]=tags&includes[]=title

From another shop, 60s green maxi dress $10


70s cocktail dress, $45[]=tags&includes[]=title

80s blossom dress, $36[]=tags&includes[]=title

Mod 1960s dress, $62[]=tags&includes[]=title

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My first sale...a threesome!

Yes, I sold three items today!

I am very happy!

My friend bought 3 items on my etsy to give to his lovely sister for her birthday!

I cannot wait to sell more items...I'm hoping to give away little extra gifts, too!

I'm looking to host some etsy shops / blogs on here soon...comment if you're interested, especially in SHOP HOSTING SWAPS!

New to the block

This is my very first post ever on a blog site since...oh, possibly 7 years ago.

I am very excited to begin blogging about my life, my shop, and other shops!

I am currently avoiding writting my Beowulf paper about how he is not a hero; he fights fot political accretion and personal gain.

(any reccomendation for sources would be great!)

I'm currently trying to sell some jewelry in my shop on etsy, but I'm more interested in getting more vintage.

Below are the earrings I wish to sell most out of everything in my shop, which can be found here:

Wish me luck!

Currently looking for avid posters, please follow me so I may follow you