Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get Your Cabochon On!

I just got a ton of new Cabochons from DanettesDestash ( and Pinkbubble (

They were SUPER cheap...I plan to make jewelry with my friends today. Might list on etsy...or keep for ourselves :3

I made a bunch of new stuff, it just isn't listed yet D':
But I just listed some vintage NEW OLD STOCK from the late 80s!

Tons of more DIY stuff.


So a girl was totally checking me out at Burger King the other day. Quite flattering, she was a beautiful blonde, but...I like men. I had no idea why the girl was checking me out, and then it hit me! I was wearing rainbow beaded earrings I bought off of etsy which may be seen as "gay pride"...don't get me wrong, gay pride is totally hip with me, but I can't really be prideful for something I'm not :P So, I feel sorry for leading her on -- but hey, gay is okay, so either way, AWESOME compliment!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stuff to make you smile.

I've listed some more DIY stuff. More to come, I promise. Handmade rings and everything!

Cuteness to the max.


Itty bitty cuteness.

3d Poofy CUTENESS.



I found a new shop I like today!!
Opened mid-March is miss VAVAVOOM

Tons of cute hippie headbands and earrings.
I really love this shop and you should, too!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New New New New

I have posted some NEW items for everyone to enjoy!

Earrings, dresses, beads, destash, ETC!

I'm surprised these don't have many views. They're GORGEOUS! Check'em outttt.

Even have a 70s sunny dress from China. Already one heart! Why not take a closer look?

TONS of 100% genuine jade jewelry listed too! NEVER worn! Check out this cutie:

80s Hoffman-made earrings...look a bit closer!

I'm going to be ETSY FEATURED in the VINTAGE section on SUNDAY...check me out :] I'm excited!


Enough about me. Let's check out another hot shop. PoppyLuxe Designs has tons of OOAK items to make any person smile! Great little gifts for yourself or others!

Three handmade magnets, fun & bright design! Only $5.00

Not enough flowers? She also has this amazing frame for only $15...who KNOWS how long THIS took to make:

Seriously one of the coolest frames I've ever seen.

She's got tons of other cute things, and I totally edge you on to check her out. Click here to get a closer look!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Delicious Shops For Everyone To Check Out

Here are some tasty new shops for everyone to check out!

Joyousworld has some unique VINTAGE-INSPIRED items. Lovely beads & stones crafted into hot jewelry. My favorite item by her are her elegant pink stone earrings.

Get the listing here:

Need a unique card? Teacupdesigns Sells her unique items starting at only $1 per card in sets!

My faaaavorite by far is her hippo card set of 6, $1 per card!


Get the listing here:

And of course I have to offer another shop with some handmade jewelry! Farrielledesign sells a ton of COLORFUL beaded & stone jewelry that is of quality without killing you wallet (and believe me, I don't have time to be posting fancy fru-fru shops on my budget!)

My favorite (of course is pink) is her Tamy bracelet. Romantic and sweet!

Get the listing here:

Next up is a shop newbie with 1 sale...Plantress has some cute stuff to sell indeed! Tons of handmade jewelry bursting with color.

My favorite is her green and silver bracelet. "sterling, sterling, sterling makes this bracelet with green handmade lampwork beads, green oval czech beads, bali silver spacers, sparkling clear lemon rondelles and hand forged sterling clasp twinkly for shizzle! Sassy"

Get the listing here:

Last but not least is another 1-sale shop (OPENED IN FEB!) ViewPointPictures! Tons of hot prints ready to decorate your walls!

My favorite is her Abandonded Kitten shot...

Get the listing here:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

8 Sales, 2 Days. 3 New listings!

I have had soooo many sales!
I'm glad...I just need to stop buyinggg, ugh!

So I'm listing what I have for sale NEW before I start studying for Chinese (I'm so behind...)

...also, anyone want to trade banners? Looking to host!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot! Etsy Shop Hosting!

I'm hosting 4 lovely Etsy shops tonight, all different from one another!

I'm posting what I believe to be the BEST BARGAINS in each of these shops!

Check it, heart it, buy it, whatever!
------------------------------------------------------------- is the first shop. Tons of absolutely adorable knitted items as well as other one-of-a-kind finds. With 90+ sales, and an open shop since 2007, it's easy to see why it's an attractive shop.

She has one of the most interesting items! My favorite, and what I believe to be the best buy...

"Summer Flowers - Handmade Knitted Wire Wristcuff"
It's only $11 -- much cheaper than designer brand jewelry, and just as beautiful...if not more. Get the direct link :


The next shop is ... free shipping til the 17th, HURRY! Since 2008, this shop has been kickin' it...130+ sales! Tons of cultrally-inspired jewelry and other goods.

This shop has something most do not have : MEN'S JEWELRY. I found a gorgeous "mannecklace", a perfect one-of-a-kind gift, for a very reasonable price:

$45 (and no extra if you buy by the 17th). Really handsome. Turquoise Dagger Necklace -- here's the direct link:


Next is a newely open shop waiting for its first sale, !

Tons of gorgeous designs -- and you can even customize! This shop is busting with adorable goodies without breaking the bank.

4x6- $4.00
5x7- $8.00
8x10- $15.00
11x14- $25.00

Gorgeous print, gorgeous price. Get the direct link:


My last shop to promote, , FRESHLY OPENED this February! With 2 sales, this shop is aching for more -- and with super affordable prices, it'll only be time before this shop is empty!

She has tons of cute cards, but my favorite and best bargain item is this:

At just $0.50 a piece, this lot of 4 tags is totally a steal! Only $1 to ship, and $.20 if shipped with another item...give someone something sweet without spending $10 at Hallmark! Here's the direct link:


Don't forget to visit mine...

New necklace

New earrings

New Items Posted Today!

Tons of new items freshly listed for lower than ever expected!

70s Dew Drop Earrings, $3.40

Destash lot for crafts, $5.50

70s Coin Purses, $ is leather!

TONS MORE goodies are listed...61 items for sale...why not take a peak?

CURRENTLY TRADING! Message me on etsy for details.


College is so stressful.

I've got Bs everywhere except one A, which is in Chinese.
If anyone knows Chinese please contact me, I'd love to practice over skype <3

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A post NOT about vintage!

Oh my!

So I'm not posting about vintage...

(even though I've had about 8 sales in one week which is super hot...coughcough)

So the other day...:P
I went to this amazing asian buffet...
it was 6.85+tax...but it included any drink...


so much seafood! Stuff I never expected to see at a cheap buffet place.

It was amazing.

And tonight, I get to go to an amazingly huge mall with one of my favorite people in the world. If you live in VA or MD, you'll know what Tyson's Corner is...and might feel a pinch of jealousy that you are not me <3

:P don't forget to check out my shop on Etsy everyone. More posts coming soon! YEAH I'M GROOVY

Monday, March 8, 2010

Some AWESOME Etsy Shops! Check it out!

Here are some amazing Etsy sites I would like everyone to check out.
Please leave comments here and let me know what YOU think as well!

Kayley has a freshly-opened shop ( of handmade goodies! Here is what she says about her shop:

"I sell handmade hair accessories and clothing. I love to make things that I wish I could find in stores, but don't exist there. I love to creat new things!

I would love to sell more hair accessories, especially the beaded headbands."

Her headbands and floral designs are extra special, but I personally find her shirt to be exceptionally cute, and exceptionally fair on pricing:

It's only $28, and knowing it was made with love, it's truly worth it.


Next is a fab tattoed art shop by Lola called To Be Tattoed ( with ORIGINAL ARTWORK and adorable accessories. She says about her shop --

"ToBeTattooed is my emporium of wonder! Tattoo art goodies, accessories, fine art photography and much more ! Also- my shop is featured on and we are doing a giveaway- any purchase gets you five entries in the giveaway!"

She has tons of low-priced cuties that would be a joy to take home, but she also has a seriously kick-ass photograph of tranquility!

This print on high-quality matte photo paper will look great in any household. Check it out now!


Who likes recycled goodies? Sarah does! And her shop( , The Recycled Pearl, has tons of it! (OH! And you get a free gift with any order $5.00 or over...I'm curious!)

"hand crafted gifts and accessories from recycled and upcycled materials."

Want a cute clip just for you, one-of-a-kind? Here is one of her and my favorites:

Handmade and bursting with vintage and bright colors, this clip is absolutely gorgrous. Get it now!


Another perfect BRAND SPANKIN NEW shop is Just B You ( Handmade and priced afforadbly,

Just B You states her shop has "lots of different creations that allow you to just B you and show your, SunCatchers, Car Charms and more!"

Here is a gorgeous *Genuine Austrian Swarovski* pendant necklace that truly sparkles and shines! Looks classy without breaking the bank. Want a better peek...or hope to swipe it? Here is the quick link!


Last, but surely not least, is the lovely MGB's BLUE TUESDAY by Emma (

She describes her shop short and sweet: "What we sell: Simple, Fun and Unique"

MY FAVORITE comes from her kitschy-collection of lego-man hot necklaces!

I swear, I'm still laughing-- and it's only $10. Get that necklace NOW before it's gone



TONS of new listings! Super cheap fun earrings, destash, necklaces, and bracelets being listed!

Already listed 7 new cuties!

Get these individually or in lots!

Only $2.90

Only $4.00

Only $4.50

Only $3.50

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I am listing some awesome JEWELRY and DESTASH starting tomorrow night!

70s, 80s costume jewelry, destash vintage & current beads/jewelry, as well as some other goodies coming soon!

It'll be a blast! Please come and support my shop by checking it out at!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ice, ice, baby 70s dress! And it's just $8.50! Posted last night!

Not flashy enough? I have a beaded 70s plum gown for you, only $12.00!

And of course, women in the 70s were handmaking some awesome creations as well..look at this velvet beauty! Only $16!

I hate to leave the 70s, but this 80s prom dress is the bomb! Frilly, funky, and fun for $10!

I have a couple more new listings, and stay posted, I'll be adding jewelry and destash asap!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where have I been? Get to know the real me.

I've been busy dealing with boy drama.

Ah yes. This is a blog not only about my etsy, but about me :3

I'm 20 years old, at college to major in English and focus on Secondary Education. I take antidepressants because of sexual and emotional abuse.

This past week and weekend has been hard. Having a heart broken and then rekindled (sort of), and then having a friend come foward with more feelings for me, but still making mistakes with me along the way...I'm at a loss! It feels like I'll never be married in the future...maybe I should just expect to become a super sexy cat-lady!

*Ahem* anyways...

I plan to kick back with some more awesome vintage!
I have pictures and new items ready to be listed!