Thursday, March 25, 2010

New New New New

I have posted some NEW items for everyone to enjoy!

Earrings, dresses, beads, destash, ETC!

I'm surprised these don't have many views. They're GORGEOUS! Check'em outttt.

Even have a 70s sunny dress from China. Already one heart! Why not take a closer look?

TONS of 100% genuine jade jewelry listed too! NEVER worn! Check out this cutie:

80s Hoffman-made earrings...look a bit closer!

I'm going to be ETSY FEATURED in the VINTAGE section on SUNDAY...check me out :] I'm excited!


Enough about me. Let's check out another hot shop. PoppyLuxe Designs has tons of OOAK items to make any person smile! Great little gifts for yourself or others!

Three handmade magnets, fun & bright design! Only $5.00

Not enough flowers? She also has this amazing frame for only $15...who KNOWS how long THIS took to make:

Seriously one of the coolest frames I've ever seen.

She's got tons of other cute things, and I totally edge you on to check her out. Click here to get a closer look!

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