Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where have I been? Get to know the real me.

I've been busy dealing with boy drama.

Ah yes. This is a blog not only about my etsy, but about me :3

I'm 20 years old, at college to major in English and focus on Secondary Education. I take antidepressants because of sexual and emotional abuse.

This past week and weekend has been hard. Having a heart broken and then rekindled (sort of), and then having a friend come foward with more feelings for me, but still making mistakes with me along the way...I'm at a loss! It feels like I'll never be married in the future...maybe I should just expect to become a super sexy cat-lady!

*Ahem* anyways...

I plan to kick back with some more awesome vintage!
I have pictures and new items ready to be listed!


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