Sunday, March 21, 2010

Delicious Shops For Everyone To Check Out

Here are some tasty new shops for everyone to check out!

Joyousworld has some unique VINTAGE-INSPIRED items. Lovely beads & stones crafted into hot jewelry. My favorite item by her are her elegant pink stone earrings.

Get the listing here:

Need a unique card? Teacupdesigns Sells her unique items starting at only $1 per card in sets!

My faaaavorite by far is her hippo card set of 6, $1 per card!


Get the listing here:

And of course I have to offer another shop with some handmade jewelry! Farrielledesign sells a ton of COLORFUL beaded & stone jewelry that is of quality without killing you wallet (and believe me, I don't have time to be posting fancy fru-fru shops on my budget!)

My favorite (of course is pink) is her Tamy bracelet. Romantic and sweet!

Get the listing here:

Next up is a shop newbie with 1 sale...Plantress has some cute stuff to sell indeed! Tons of handmade jewelry bursting with color.

My favorite is her green and silver bracelet. "sterling, sterling, sterling makes this bracelet with green handmade lampwork beads, green oval czech beads, bali silver spacers, sparkling clear lemon rondelles and hand forged sterling clasp twinkly for shizzle! Sassy"

Get the listing here:

Last but not least is another 1-sale shop (OPENED IN FEB!) ViewPointPictures! Tons of hot prints ready to decorate your walls!

My favorite is her Abandonded Kitten shot...

Get the listing here:


  1. Love the green and pink bracelets choosen.


  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Tamy Bracelet:)