Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Stuff!

My shop has some awesome new items. Care to see? :)

Sun spike earrings, 70s, clip-ons.

disco Light earrings, 70s, screw-backs.


80s Cocktail ring :) My FAVORITE new item!


Some of my friends have some cool new items too!

AngelElements has new rings I AM IN LOVE WITH! All under $9!

PLUS new pendants!

Her Shop

and as always, LizardQueenJewelry's new shop, LizardPrincess, has some darling earrings for $4!

Her Shop

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Shops to my favorite BNR!

I have a favorite BNR forum list && I felt like sharing some items from some newcomers!

Soda pop headband, $3...THE LISTING

100 Carnival tickets, $1.50...THE LISTING

Ingredient stickers, $3 (60) ...THE LISTING

Wooden bracelet, $18.50...THE LISTING

Watermelon body lotion, $5.50...THE LISTING

Watermelon scrubbies, set of 2, $2.50...THE LISTING

STUNNER earrings, $12.00...THE LISTING

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Shop!

My friend, Lizard Queen Jewelry, who has sold tons and tons of FINE jewelry, opened up a shop with COSTUME JEWELRY for people who are looking for CLASS without spending a fortune!

Prices start at $4...

:) great deals all around! Her new shop is called LIZARD PRINCESS!

Cobalt Crystal Earrings, $4
(Click here for the listing)

Pink & Pearl Earrings, $4
(Click here for the listing)

Blue Opalite earrings, $4
(Click here for the listing)

Dragonfly Cream Bracelet, $10
(Click here for the listing)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shop, Drop & Roll!

Tons of new shops I've discovered (and some old loved ones) I'd like to share!

Lenore's Moon has tons of cute shirts, and has this announcement--"My shop is very different and unique. I'm offering free shipping in the US on anything in my shop."

her shop can be found here :)

Cute shirts like this only $20.99!

Totes, too, for $7.99 (what a steal!!)

:] check her out!

Next is my LOVELY friend, JustBeadIt

She's hilarious, fun, witty, and...an ETSY SHOP OWNER!

(Her shop here)

Her jewelry is AMAZING.

Stunning blue bracelet, $22

...and my personal favorite, her amazing blue glow earrings, $13.00

Drop BEADIT a line, she's extra friendly && ready to offer you something wild!

Next is one of my favorites as well...
Tons of amazing ruffle designs HERE!
(seriously, click if you want a new addiction!)

Cute tank, right? And only $19!

Feelin extra thrifty? This one is only $15!

She's super hip && has customers EVERYWHERE IN THE US loving her stuff! (her most recent blog post had some cute women wearing her creations, seen here: www.SimplyHandmadeByPaige.blogspot.com )

I also have a dear friend whom I've hosted before that has JUST LISTED a ton of new pendants that I am absolutely in LOVE WITH

AngelElements, shop here, is super quirky with self-made designs! (She also does awesome custom designs!)

Beautiful, only $15.

Feeling extra thrifty? This design is only $10!

She's one of my favorite ETSIANS, drop her a line! She's sold at conventions with a huge success rate... so hurry up and get her stuff before she gets super famous ;D

Okay, so, another Esty friend I have ALSO HAPPENS to sell amazing stuff...

HEART2HEARTS (shop here) has some stuff I'd totally wanna steal. (Because I'm low on spending since I'm in college, I cannot afford to buy her stuff at the moment. But when I become rich...her shop is mine!)


Amazing tree pendant, only $23 (most shops sell similar designs for a much higher price, and hearts uses high-quality materials!)

Something darker in your taste? This bracelet will do the trick only $13!

:) drop her a line, she's also a very nice woman who will work with you to make something awesome! (or, pick out something perfect of her that she's already made!)

Okay, super thrifters.
Check this out!
"I am doing a special promotion TODAY ONLY

these are both just $5...WITH FREE SHIPPING!
Get both sets! Each bow ends up being $1.25! (what a GREAT deal!)

:) convo her for more information!


my friend KIRAMEKU has some new stuff in her shop! And it's GREAT!

Hot new berrylicious ring, $12.50

Same design with a touch of charming, $13.75

she's got the goods! Her rings make FAB gifts. She's got handmade artwork as well, which i'm absolutely in love with!

Heck, buy a gift from her and get the tags here:
My Printed memories

Great prices on tags!

Set of 6, $3.50

Want something personal?

Name pillows starting at $19.99!

Cute, right? Found at BOUTIQUE PILLOWS (great shop!)

"I use 100% quilters premium cotton, hyper-allergenic poly-fil in pillows and Warm and Natural quilt batting in quilts."

Check her out as well :)

So I found some more jewelry at Waterwaif's shop and I almost don't wanna share because I love her stuff and wanna buy some.

these. are. my favorite! only $22 (so tempted to buy!)

...also this necklace, $30 *drools*


Last but not least is Aquariann!

Get her art on prints or magnets, etc.

Cute magnet print, $3

Pin print, $2.50

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Friends Sell Awesome Stuff

Posting some amazing items my friends sell!

From Paratu...

Awesome ACEO card, $8!

From Angel Elements...

Awesome Resin Pendant, $15!

From Tanyaw...

Super hot bracelet, $16!

From Sarah in FL...

Funktastic Ring, $12!

From Rose Ridge...

Amazing Shoulder Bag, $36!

From Kim's Beads...

Cherry Quartz Bracelet, $4.99!

And from ME...

Rad 70s Sailors Dress, $29

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two of my Favorite Shops

:) There's a woman on the Etsy Forums that everyone calls "Missy"

It's Missy Kay!

(also Missy Phay)

First, I'm going to show you stuff from the KAY shop, which is her supply shop!

She always has fun deals going on so if you want to know what's up just convo her!

From Crystals to Foam Creatures, Kay has everything! :) And priced low, too! tons of deals...

in her jewelry shop, you can't miss out either!

from sets to just plain bracelet, earrings, and more...Phay has low prices on all of her goodies!

:) but I don't need to blab to get you interested, her posted items should do enough! Check her out. Heart and cart!