Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Shops to my favorite BNR!

I have a favorite BNR forum list && I felt like sharing some items from some newcomers!

Soda pop headband, $3...THE LISTING

100 Carnival tickets, $1.50...THE LISTING

Ingredient stickers, $3 (60) ...THE LISTING

Wooden bracelet, $18.50...THE LISTING

Watermelon body lotion, $5.50...THE LISTING

Watermelon scrubbies, set of 2, $2.50...THE LISTING

STUNNER earrings, $12.00...THE LISTING


  1. I love that wooden bracelet! The soda pop headband is creative too..and a steal. Great finds =)

  2. I also love the wooden bracelet, that is the first thing that caught my eye:)

  3. The earrings are really pretty and elegant! The watermelon body lotion picture make me hungry.

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