Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Featured Sellers!

Time to do some FEATURED SELLERS!

First up is My Stuff 2 - home of Worth a Look Photography She sells TONS of bookmarks for low prices...AWESOME prints from photos taken ESPECIALLY by her!

Cute? Oh. I know. Only $2.25 ... first item is only $.75 to ship, rest are free! (Not US? Same deal, starts with $1 shipping)


Next is FUNNY FUSER! "-Fused glass wearable art. From barrettes to beads.-" ... HYPOALLERGENIC & NICKLE-FREE!

(She also has cool destash!)

Hot clip-ons! Perfect gift for yourself or others!


Oh, let's see...WIGGLY-SEE! Tons of crocheted amigurumi stuffed toys...hypoallergenic!

Sosososo cheap, starting at $7! For the thrifty, I'm posting my favorite $7 cutie!

Cutest penguin everrrrr? I THINK SO!


So I'm still obsessed with fused glass! FIRST SIGHT GLASS Sells a ton of elegant fused goodies...but my absolute favorite is her fairly priced $15 plate...

Awesome colors...seriously, even if you're not looking to spend money, check this shop out for 5 mins and give it a heart!


Last but not least is Doohickies & Such xoxo. TONS of jewelry and plenty of destash! She even has one-of-a-kind JUST FOR YOU items! (Name bracelets)

CUTEST DANGLE EARRINGS...only $10...I think I'm in love...


  1. these are great selections, wonderful featuring!

  2. nice selections! Thanks for the feature! :)

  3. Love the blue and black plate!


  4. Love the blue earrings. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Awsome blog! Thanks for sharing your faves!