Monday, May 17, 2010

Gorgeous Etsy Shops!

I have some lovely etsy shops to promote!

But before I do, I want everyone to see the glorious 60s wonders I've added to my shop. HURRY they won't stay long...they are too pretty to stay!

60s Flower Garden

60s Cabochon Ocean Drop Earrings


First shop I am promoting is the lovely Pikithins! After personally buying from her shop, I've come to love her quick shipping and lovely items!

She sells so many handmade goodies!

I have a very similar charm and it's darling! I get so many compliments. Perfect for your cell or purse!

She also has amazing bracelets...such gorgeous beads! I am in love with it.

Check her out. She's friendly & fine!


Another lovely shop that I've featured before is the lovely Kirameku! Tons of gorgeous jewelry...some very vintage inspired...I'm hooked!

Amazing pretty earrings...dangle so lady-like!

Glorious spring ring...HOW DOES SHE MAKE THESE?! They are so funky-cool! Bubbly and exciting.

Give her a sale, or heart your favorites .. but act fast, her stuff sells well!


Looking for something fine with a childish touch? Red Chuck sells TONS of amazing jewelry items, fine and costume! Stamped goodies that will have you coming back for more.

Handmade from 99.9% pure silver, and made with 100% deliciousness. Absolutely adorable chupcake charm necklace. Too cute!

Looking for something a bit more chunky? This necklace will catch anyone's eye! Huge, sweet, and won't be able to resist!

Her shop is small but filled with only the best wearables. Pick up something for a friend .. handmade is the way to go these days!


Oh no! It's the end of the year and you need TEACHER GIFTS! Thank goodness for miss YES TEACHER! Tons of personalized handmade cuties for your child's (or your) teacher!

Hurry and give the deserving teacher this "award" card! Super cool 3D design that'll have any teacher shining with pride!

No teacher to adorn? Well, she has other cards that will be useful for any upcoming occasion! This is just one of her many designs!

Handmade with love and absolutely affordable. Pick up a card or two from this pretty lady today!


Tbead (Turtle Bead) has some SMELLY goodies! No, not the BAD type of smelly...the deliciously addicting kind! Tons of candles and other scented goodies to make you absolutely relaxed and pleased!

Mmm, pink soy candles. So many scents, but this one is HOT PINK! How could you resist?

BANANA BREAD ANYONE? These look absolutely delicious! (But don't eat them!) Two tasty little candles perfect for your kitchen!

Seriously, there are tons of alluring scents here...some sexy ones for you spicy girls and boys! Heart and buy while there's still suppy!


Last but not least is Lindsey's Lovelies! Bountiful amounts of handmade'll find atleast one thing to die for here!

The perfect necklace anyone? Amazing color and perfect shine. Flattering without being tempting!

Amazing romatic rose cute to ignore! I'd watch out...I'm hearting these and they might be gone soon!

Seriously, tons of more cool stuff in her shop. You need to check this girl out as well as all the other beautiful featured sellers! Please comment and let me know what you think!

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