Wednesday, June 23, 2010

$10 and OVER ... The SPLURGE POST!

:) Sometimes people want a little bang for their buck
(and sometimes they want that bang to be extra loud so they gotta spend a little more!)

Here is my special $10 and over edition!

The 80s dress. Frilly, bowie, and funky colored. Who wouldn't wanna wear this to a costume party? (or just for fun!) $14.90 @ Yeah I'm Groovy

BLING BLING. Personalized necklace! Super beautiful and sparkly, $10.75 @ Susie's Crafts

Pick out 3 soaps & save! Lovely fragrances, makes a great gift set! (Now I wish I bought my mom's birthday gift from here!) $12 @ Bohemian Rose

Freshwater pearls anyone? Fun green pearl ring ... bubbly, exciting, and surprisingly only $13.50 @ Kirameku

Oooh! Blue and Red Moon Dragon Necklace with swavoksi crystals...only $20, would make a lovely mystical gift from Tanyaw

"Clouds in My Coffee Wristlet Clutch" -- beautiful colors & design, only $24 @ Cathy's Totes

"Three 1 yd selections from the new Patty Young line of knit fabrics
58/60 wide, 100% cotton" -- beautiful colors for your designs, $30 from Jmillies

Eco-friendly bag anyone? Fun flashy colors that work in summer or winter! $15 @ Luv My Monkeys

Frilly, pinky, cute skirt for wear or as a beach coverup. Lovely blush color, $18 @ The May Flower

Okay this is just too cute. Hat so you can put pigtails through! $35 @ Chabby Shane

Like things that look old fashioned? This pillow will do the trick, but is must-free and totally giftable! $29.99 @ LaMaisonRomantique

Need a bowl? Need an AWESOME COLORED ART DECO BOWL? At only $20, The Rusted Rose knows how to cut an alluring deal!

Ah, dressing up puppies. What could be more fun? and at $14, you can get tons of designs at It's A Dog's World

I myself do not like Twilight, BUT I WOULD STILL TOTALLY ROCK THIS AMAZING NECKLACE! It's so hip and cute, Twilight fan or not, you'll want one! $15.99 @ Swell Dame Inc

Upcycled, Recycled, whatever you wanna call it -- it's made of wood and beer. how cool is that? (PLUS brown leather!) $15 @ Electric Penguin

I. Love. Turquoise. "Matching earrings are available in my shop. Purchase both at the same time and save $3." Just the bracelet is $11.50 @ Linda B's

Beautiful bird ornament...I could picture this decorating a wonderful wedding! $10 from Khali Nouveau

Okay, matching hat for an American Girl Doll? Any little girl who loves AGDs will absolutely flip! $30 @ Tracy's Designs

Holy. Crap. Does this NEED a description? It's only $10. Lady Hudd, why can't this be for adults? :p

I love paintings. Give this artist their first sale! 5'7" painting...only $10 from Jenniz Art

Beautiful stone necklace. Filled with high-quality stone can you deny it at $28? From kynerasjewels

The best pendant ever! Coral Peach fun summer colors all in one wire-wrapped pendant, $15 from Button Soup Jewelry!


  1. I love what you did with all these shops! Thanks for including me!!
    La Maison Romantique

  2. any time love! love your stuff!

  3. This looks great... thanks for putting it together.

  4. Great post! Lots of lovely stuff. Thanks so much for including my vintage pottery :)

  5. You do such a great job with your blog! The comments you added to each of this items is great! Thank you for including me. I'm fairly new to blogging, and to the best of my knowledge this is the first time my items have been posted in someone's blog. I'm so excited! Thank's again.

  6. Thanks for including my piggytail hat.