Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SARAH IN FL -- Etsy Shop With Over 2k In Sales

SPECIAL BLOG FEATURE on the Super Friendly Sarah! Sarah In Florida (etsy shop). She's a big hit on the CRAZY BUY AND REPLACE Threads, which can be found in the PROMOTIONS FORUM. She makes lovely jewelry and sells super destash!

(here's something I bought for $3.50 ... amazing deal!)

Anywho, I interviewed Sarah, and left it short & sweet for you to learn a little about this lovely lady:


1) When did you start crafting, and why?

I started with embroidery when i was 7, then I learned to knit in my 20's, I started making jewelry in my 30's, I also learned to enamel and make lamp-work beads.

2) What's your favorite craft activity?

Oh you expect me to pick a fav??? Well working with metal is the most creative to me but I love knitting because it is so relaxing.

3) Describe the best thing you ever made...

Apart from my pasties and the knitted turkey dinner? I made an awesome bezel set fused glass cabochon pendent in sterling silver with a handmade bale, oh wait some of the silver cuttlefish casting pieces were super cool...

4) Will you be releasing new items/supplies anytime soon?

The only thing holding me back at this time is the lack of a camera!


She's got tons of neat stuff in her shop...such as...

Amazing vintage earrings -- but for health safety, she replaced the ear wires. Super cute silvertone cherries, dangle! $8

Super chic lamp-work earrings, in citrus. Perfect summer fun, simple and comfortable for any outfit! $5.50

Want a personalized necklace without spending as much as the other Etsy shops offer? Sarah will send you one ready for gift-giving at $16

My personal favorite is her wire-wrapped beaded pendant. Glass beads AND semi-precious stones bound in a funky design only $11

She offers tons of destash supplies, which often end up being a surprise :) (she is always generous in her lots!)

Surprise destash beads can be found here...$5 for a lot worth $10+!

Surprise destash PENDANTS can be found here...a lot of 3 for $8!

Other destash items she has for sale:

(can be found in her Destash Section)

Her shop can be found on the right side of my blog, or you can click Here for SARAH IN FLORIDA'S front page shop!


  1. sarahhhhhh rocks!! she's the friendliest etsian you will ever meet!

  2. What a great feature Groovy! I have many things from Sarah! She is definitely one of my favorites on Etsy, and she's such a lovely lady!

  3. Wow! Jealous of the sales but what lovely jewelry and great prices, thanks for sharing, T. :)

  4. Her jewelry is beautiful! Great feature!

  5. Sarah is wonderful! great blog post groovy ;-)