Monday, June 14, 2010


:) New Listings!
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Destash Lot of 10 HUGE Rhinestones
From Groovy Supplies

Vintage 80s Thin Metal Hoops
From Yeah I'm Groovy

Beautiful Strawberry Earrings!
From Smile For Suzy

BABY ANNOUNCEMENT templates! Simple and beautiful!
From FotoTaleDesigns

Kawaii Owl Pillow! Hoot Hoot
From BedBuggs

Sockie Mc Socker Feet The Elephant! (Ok, that's not the name of'em, but it's what I wanna call'em!)
From Treacher Creatures

Another Steampunk Necklace! It's so cool!
From Sandra Penn

Okay so I cheated. This isn't her NEWEST, but it's my favorite :P
From JL Ribbon Gear

The. Best. Card. Ever. ACEO...amazing. Titled "THAT'S MY BOY, HE SAID"
From Emmarts

Who DOESN'T love a cute panda card?
From Kitty kat Kards

The happiest rainy cloud broach ever!
From Lacravatte Duchien

Needle Point Owl Buckle...SO COOL!
From needle you!

Need a cool pattern? :) I think this one is rockin!
From Pop Soup Supplies

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