Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Like kids? Like handmade? Calista's Shop is here for you!

Miss Calista is a seven year old girl who makes handmade jewelry with minimal help from her mother Michelle.

Many times have I sent some supplies to this young lady -- her and her mother are great supporters of etsy shops as well as wonderful sellers!

Calista's shop, Calista's Creations sells a ton of handmade pendants and a few darling supplies!

Her pendants are always buy 3, get the 4th free! (yes, this girl plays with resin and is more successful than me...)

Lovely Twilight Pendant, $6.00, as well as the pieces below

Calista's pendants are all handmade and beautiful, found in the Pendant section of her shop.

She also makes bracelets, necklaces, and more!

Only $12, THIS bracelet was handmade by Calista entirely -- the colors and everything look stunning! A great combination of unique pieces, stating "be true". If you'd like something similar, or completely different, REQUEST AN ITEM :) :)

Not bright enough for you?

Calista makes funky bracelets as well! $12, this bracelet features tons of amazing shapes and hues, FOUND HERE for a better look.

Miss Calista understands crafters sometimes make enough jewelry as it is, so she's selling SUPPLIES to the crafters! TONS of rubber stamps at low prices :)

Cute, right? Only $3

Also super cute and yummy for $3

TWO stamps, $2.75!


Please support this young crafter at Calista's Creations, and visit her mom's shop, Michelle's This and That for some yummy goodies posted below...

PLEASE be sure to Request An Item if you like her work but want something a little more personalized!


  1. calistas off to a fantastic start! she's got a great eye already!!! goooo calista!!! just dont forget about us lil people when you hit it big!! :)

  2. Awww, she's off to a great start!! Good job, Calista!

  3. :) she is quite awesome isn't she?
    I love her pendants. I wish she had some anime ones up!

  4. Thank you for such an awesome write up!!!
    I will have calista look for some anime images to make some pendants with :o)

  5. What a great feature on not both Calista, but her amazing mom Michelle!! :D

  6. :) Yes Michelle is so sweet

    :) YAY Anime Pendants hehe

  7. awwww thank you all
    Calista is going to have a whole new line coming out as soon as the supplies get here :o)